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Dear Partner

Dear Partner

Németh KrisztiánHorses have had an effect on the development of our civilization for thousands of years. Since the domestication of horses the mobility of people has largely increased. At the beginning of the industrial revolution when internal combustion engines appeared horses as power producers were pushed into the background but still remained important. These noble four-legged dear friends of ours have become our mates while doing sports and free time activities.

The horse solarium, horse treadmill and storage unit made by us is meant for horse lovers to fulfill everyday tasks and at the same time it should fulfill the needs of the horse and to definitely reach our goals. We applied our experience gained in the field of equestrian sport and machine works while designing and manufacturing our products for everyday use. When designing we always took into account the safety of horses and people and besides our standard products we carry out individual ideas as well.

We are at your service at the given availability and hope that you and your noble mate will be satisfied with our products.


FEI World Driving Championship for Young Horses
bronze medalist in 5-year-old horses category
Németh Krisztián